↓ Transcript
(Back on the vessel, Emily eats her dinner and looks at the moon while the shutters close on the outside of the windows. Then she is in bed pulling the curtain shut.)
(Panels showing: Surveyor 3; Emily writing letters to Markus, Zoe, and her family; Emily walking around with a torch in a big dark crater; Emily and Dee looking at the memorial to the fallen astronauts; Dee flying Emily around over the lundar landscape; Emily looking at a thin section through a microscope -
Can you see those dark linear shapes? That's called tranquillityite, they thought it was unique to the moon but then the- in Western Au- (words cut off by panel border)
Emily: wow
- Emily nailing her somersault out of the airlock -
- while Dee applauds soundlessly; Emily napping on a beanbag with a book; Emily holding up a cool rock to show Dee -
How about this one?
- and finally, the vessel flying away from the Moon.
Alt text:
making and viewing thin sections... you know. classic tourist stuff