↓ Transcript
Dee (passing her his robe): Here you go.
Emily: Thanks. Geez, you're the skinniest person I've ever seen! And uh, nice pants.
Dee: Sarcasm?
Emily: Yes. Also, problem. This is huge.
Dee: Don't worry, I can fix it.
(Rolls the sleeves shorter; then they are simply shorter.)
Ha! I wish my clothes didn't have to obey physics!
Dee: Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Hey, can I borrow a blanket? I feel too exposed.
Emily: Sure, but will it be invisible?
Dee: No, but I won’t come without my cloak. I’ll time travel back from when you give it back.
Emily: Oh, ok.
Dee (adjusting the scythe): Better shorten this – and blunt it. Don’t want any accidents...
Emily: Yeah, that’d suck. Seeya!
Dee: Have fun!
Alt text: Not an invisibility cloak btw