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Dee: So what’s Halloween?
Emily: A holiday about... I dunno, the supernatural. I think it’s American. We only celebrate it because Maddy and Carmine like trick-or-treating.
Dee: Which is?
Emily: You dress up as something and go to your neighbour’s doors asking for lollies.
Dee: Something supernatural?
Emily: Yeah, but it doesn’t really matter. Maybe I’ll be a pirate. Hmmm...
Dee: Does anyone ever go as me?
Emily: Yeah. Actually, that’s a good idea! Could I borrow your cloak?
Dee: Sure.
Emily: Seriously? That would be soo cool!
Dee: Ok, that’s easy. Here, hold this for a second.
Emily: ...Are you sure this doesn’t do anything? The sand just went down a whole lot.
Dee: Uh yeah it does that. For, you know, the effect.
Emily: I sure hope so.
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