↓ Transcript
Emily: He should mind his own business.
Dee: What was he saying today?
Emily: Trying to find out about my ‘imaginary friend’. Busybody.
Dee: Are you sure he’s not just trying to be friendly?
Emily: I don’t see why he’d bother. He’s got friends.
Dee: Well, I’ll say it again: I still think you should try to –
Emily: No! I don’t need human friends! I’ve got you, you’re my friend!
Dee: But I’m...
Emily: And despite your insecurities, you’re a great friend. Ok?
Dee: I’m smiling.
Emily: Yeah well I can’t see because you’re still weird about your cloak.
Dee: I’m not weird about it!
Emily: You are! Come on, I’m the only one who can see. I don’t know why you’re so shy.
Alt text: gosh that guy won't stop pushing on my boundaries!!! anyway time to have another go at yours