↓ Transcript
Emily: If you know all the answers, why do you have to ask me so many questions?
Markus: ... I was just...
Emily: Prying!
Markus: ...I’m sorry.
Abe: Ha! Found you! Where were you going?
Markus: I was talking to Emily.
Abe:Huh. Went just as well as usual, I see. Mate, I dunno why you bother. She’s just strange.
Markus: Yeah, I know, but... She has no friends.
Abe: She doesn’t want any. Let’s be grateful.
Dee: Was that Markus trying to talk to you again?
Emily: He’s so annoying.
Dee: I think he seems nice.
Emily: You would.
Dee: Why don’t you?
Alt text: I imprinted like a duckling on the first person to ever give me positive attention and it's going great so far, highly recommend