↓ Transcript
Emily: Go on, people are so much more... personable if you can see their face. That’s why minions in movies and people in oppressive countries have to cover their faces, to take away their identity. And soldiers’ and police’s helmets cover their eyebrows to look emotionless and authoritative.
Dee: Faceless things are scarier, right?
Emily: You’re not trying to be scary, are you?
Dee: No, but I’m not trying to be personable, either. Neither, I might point out, are you.
Emily: ... Don’t bring up Markus again! I’m friendly enough to you.
Dee: Yes. For whatever reason, you are nice to me.
Emily: Hey, how about peripheral vision? Don’t you miss that?
Dee: Aargh! Ok! You’ve worn me down, I’ll expose myself! How’s that?
Emily: Lovely.
Alt text: mostly i would just rather draw more expressions. a la bill watterson re calvin's eyes