↓ Transcript
(Emily puts on some bathers, some boardshorts, and a sun top. While she's putting her hair in a ponytail, Dee appears.)
That's convenient timing.
Dee: Well, that's what I was aiming for.
Emily: You can aim for 'a convenient time?'
Dee: Yup.
Emily: Those are pretty vague directions.
Dee: And how would you know?
Emily: Just... People in books have to really focus on their destination.
Dee: They're fictional. And they haven't had as long as I have to practise.
Emily: Nobody's had as long as you. For anything. You know, you should really take up a hobby. Like a musical instrument. You'd be pro.
Dee: Oh yes, and the audiences would be huge.
Emily: Who needs an audience?
Dee: I wouldn't be able to take it anywhere, though. Too physical to transport.
Emily: That sucks, but you could leave it somewhere safe...
Dee: Eh, maybe.
Emily: We're going to the beach now, anyway. Wanna come?
Dee: OK.
Alt text: 'a convenient time' IS vague; he needs at the very least some idea of what kinds of things would make a given time convenient or inconvenient, but now that Emily has given him some lists it has been... not to brag... SEVERAL months since he turned up at a bad moment