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(Dee raises his hand to the thing he's looking at, which is off panel. Emily notices that he's still stopped and looks back. On the side of the building is written, smaller:)
(There is a hand print below this. Emily watches as Dee places his hand on the handprint; it matches up.)

Emily: ?
(Dee walks back towards her, frowning at his hand, then puts his hands in his pockets.)
Emily: Do you know anything about that?
Dee: No.
Emily: So what was -
Dee: You know, the fact that the Discworld is totally and expressly illogical - I think that's what I like best about it. I wouldn't have to worry about fitting into a physical universe if I was there.
Emily: Oh - oh yeah. I actually found that annoying.
Dee: I didn't. I liked it. You just... give in and stop worrying.
Emily (looking back over her shoulder at the building as they walk away): ...