↓ Transcript
(Emily is lying on the couch reading. Ella comes up behind her with a piece of paper.)
Ella: So, we got this letter about your year nine social... are you planning on going?
Emily: Nope.
Ella: Right. Stupid question, huh?
Emily: Why would I go? I have no friends.
Ella: So maybe you should go make some?
Emily: Nah.
Ella: Why not? Isn't there a nice boy you'd like to dance with?
Emily: ... Not exactly.
Ella: Oh, go on. It'll be fun!
Emily: No it won't! It's a social! The very word -
Ella: Emily. I think you should try harder to make friends. Your teachers keep telling me -
Emily: Ugh! I do the work! I'm doing fine! I don't see why it matters!