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Emily (facepalming, smiling): Deeeee...
(Dee pokes his face above the carpet again.) Emily: What's so bad about people thinking you're sexy, anyway?
Dee: Augh! You know what's really bad? Being a god of sex who hasn't had any!
Emily: Wait, WHAT!? Firstly, since when are you a sex god, and secondly - why haven't you had sex yet?
Dee: ... I don't think I need to answer the second question. And judging by the first, you haven't read about many of my other forms yet, have you?
Emily: No... I was reading about the grim reaper, then the danse macabre, then this. That's as far as I've got.
Dee: For some reason lots of people seem to link death with sex. There are a number of gods of death who are also gods of sex. Especially in the Voodoo religion. At least, that's the first one that springs to mind...
Emily: And you have a problem with this?
Dee: Well, I don't see the connection. Some say it's all about fertility and cycles but... ... no. And people assumeall these things...
Alt text: whatever dude. it's normal and a rich symbolic vein and you don't HAVE to take it so personally lolol