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Emily: Do you think you'll ever have sex?
Dee: I don't know.
Emily: Do you want to?
Dee: I don't know.
Emily: Why wouldn't you?
Dee: Um... well, it's an animal thing.
Emily: Oi! What do you mean by that!?
Dee: Only that it's all about reproduction. Creating more life.
Emily: Yeah but that's not why people do it! They do it because it's fun.
Dee: But it's fun so they'll have lots of kids. That's why evolution made it enjoyable.
Emily: Is evolution sentient? Like you?
Dee: Uh... not as far as I'm aware. I just meant that the process favours those who have lots of sex. Can't have kids without sex. Not your kind of animal. That is, until you get smart enough to find ways to have kids without sex, and sex without kids.
Emily: ... You don't think that's a bad thing, do you?
Dee: Of course not! You're surviving and multiplying better than ever. That's the point. Life has to live.
Emily: Great, but nobody cares! Sex is fun, end of story.
Dee: What makes you so sure? You haven't had it. ...Have you?
Emily: Of course not, but people talk about it all the time.
Dee: I thought sex was a private thing for your people.