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Emily: Well, it is, but... people talk about it all the time anyway. Don't tell me you haven't noticed that?
Dee: I had noticed that, actually.
Emily: But anyway, even if sex isn't for you - maybe - why do you care so much if people think you're some kind of casanova? You're fine with people assuming you're evil!
Dee: Well, that makes more sense.
Emily: What? No it -
Dee: Honestly... I don't think I would mind so much if more people assumed I cared about consent.
Emily: What!?
Dee: Can we change the subject please?
Emily: ... Fine. Um... What's it like underground?
Dee: Oh, um, dark, dense and warm. More so depending on how far you go.
Emily: Alright... that's not very surprising. Hey, have you been all the way to the centre of the Earth?
Dee: Yes. It's very hot there, and very dense. Surprisingly enough.
Emily: Is... is it light, or dark?
Dee: What? Dark.
Emily: But it's hot! Doesn't the magma glow?
Dee: Not when you're in the middle of it.
Emily: Huh. Wait, so you've been there... does that mean there are things down there? Living things?
Dee: No... not all the way in the core. I don't know why I went, it wasn't very interesting. Dense, but not as dense as other things I've been in.
Emily: Like what?
Dee: Like black holes.
Emily: You've been in a black hole!?
Dee: Yeah. But they're fairly boring, actually. Supernovas, now they're a sight to see.
Alt text: to be fair mostly people don't consent to dying