↓ Transcript
Emily: Wow... Yeah, they would be! Wait. While we're on the topic of space, I've been meaning to ask... What are aliens like?
Dee: ... What makes you think they exist?
Emily: Oh, come on. They exist. Don't they?
Dee: I'm not telling!
Emily: What!? Why not?
Dee: I feel that I should keep the universe's secrets.
Emily: That's stupid! I already know, anyway.
Dee: No you don't! How could you possibly know that?
Emily: You act like they exist.
Dee: What do you mean? No I don't!
Emily: You're always talking about life in the universe, or the cosmos, rather than just the Earth, or the planet, or the world.
Dee: So? That doesn't mean anything!
Emily: Actually, I'm certain you said something once about watching life evolve across the universe. You did! And what would that mean, if not that there is life across the universe?
Dee: ...
Emily: Honestly, Dee, what difference does it make if I know?
Dee: I'm... I'm not sure. But you humans are searching for extra-terrestrial life... you might affect the search...