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Emily: So? Doesn't that make you the best?
Dee: No! It means that... I could do anything and nobody could stop me! Good or bad. I could control the universe! I wouldn't even have to reveal myself. What if I did a bad job? What if I went corrupt? Even if I didn't, what if my sense of ethics is completely wrong? Who could argue with me? I could control everything. I have the time and energy to make sure nothing I thought bad ever happened. Ever. But is that up to me? I don't think it matters what my intentions are? I would be a tyrant. And there would literally no way to get rid of me. My reign would never end. Maybe if I was ultimately good, like the god in Christian religions is supposed to be, then it would be OK. Maybe the universe would even be better off. But I'm not omnibenevolent! I do the wrong thing sometimes! I make mistakes, terrible mistakes!
Emily: Everyone does, Dee! I promise you, you'd do a better job than anyone else.
Dee: You don't know! That wouldn't be good enough, anyway... I couldn't... I just couldn't... I never want to be anywhere near a position like that. You understand, don't you? Please understand...
Emily: Yes, Dee. I understand. That does sound terrifying. But... will telling me about aliens really lead to all that?