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Dee: I could use that excuse for too many things, though. Eventualy one will be the straw that broke the camel's back, and I'll secretly control the universe!
Emily: What - Dee. Dee. It's ok. That is not going to just happen like that, OK? Just calm down!
Dee: You think I'm being ridiculous, don't you?
Emily: Well, you are absurdly powerful. I'm sure you have to consider these things. But what harm can telling me one little, unimportant secret do?
Dee: ...
Emily: Go on!
Dee: FINE. I'll just admit it, then. There... there is life elsewhere in the universe.
Emily: YES!! We are not alone!!
Dee: Oh, you're still pretty much alone.
Emily: Huh?
Dee: You're stranded on a very small rock in a very large amount of nothing.
Emily: They're not close by? Like, on Mars?
Dee: No. They are all very far away.
Emily: Don't you think we'll find a way to contact them?
Dee: Maybe eventually, but not anytime soon. I'm pretty sure none of the populations know about each other yet.