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Emily: Gah! If only you could teleport with me, then I could see them...
Dee: Yes, if only, if only, it would be nice, but I can't, so there's no point...
Emily: WAIT! I just had an idea!
Dee: Oh?
Emily: You can go faster than light, right? Even when you're not teleporting, exactly? We could build a kind of space capsule thing, without any thrusters or anything because you could just tow me around! Faster than light, so time and distance wouldn't matter!
Dee: No. It wouldn't work, I'm afraid.
Emily: Aw! Why not!?
Dee: Because I can't go that fast carring anything! I couldn't take this speck of dust that fast. I couldn't take an atom that fast.
Emily: Seriously?
Dee: I'm not made of infinite energy, Em! Nothing with mass can go that fast. It's just not possible! In fact, nothing that anyone's ever found can go that fast. No energy either, I think. Which is how I know I'm made of something other than matter or energy...
(His words fade out behind Emily's speech bubble in the next panel, saying something like: although I am very interested in the idea of tachyons... that could hold some answers maybe but I couldn't be made of tachyons since they have to be going faster than light all the time, but still it's an interesting idea)
So we can't travel around like the Doctor and his companions? Though I can't understand what you've saying right now so there's that...
Alt text: look who's pretending like he didn't only learn some basic physics within the last 10 or so chapters