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Dee: Pardon? Oh, no, we can't. You can't meet other lifeforms, anyway... not without leaving your life here forever. But your idea could work if we just stay within the solar system...
Emily: Will you take me to space!?
Dee: Quite possibly... I'd have to think about the logistics... You couldn't see other life but there are plenty of other cool things... And we'd have to wait until you're a bit more independent from your family... I can't imagine them being keen on you simply vanishing for a year or so...
Emily (clutching her face in excitement): OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS
Dee: Well, I'm not making any promises... But it would be pretty cool! I could show you my favourite moon.
Emily: What's your favourite moon?
Dee: Io. It's one of Jupiter's. It's covered in volcanoes.
Emily: You and your volcanoes.
Dee: It's amazing. And it's got a fabulous view of Jupiter. You have not seen stormy weather until you've been to Jupiter.
Emily: We have to do this, Dee. Please?
Dee: I think it would be a very good thing if we could find a way to make this work.