↓ Transcript
(Emily and Dee are descending into the clouds of Venus' atmosphere inside some kind of glass orb with seats and a solid floor. This orb is shrouded in fabric attached to one of the three of Dee's other forms which are bearing it down, invisible so as to not block the view.)
Hey... how's it been going? With those planets you told me about... since that one got blown up?
Dee: Oh. Uhh... well not great exactly. There's a lot of debris falling and I don't think the war is even over? It's hard to tell... Still a few things alive on the rubble but so few, and... I just don't know.
Emily: And... how are you going?
Dee: Me? I'm fine. Same as ever.
Emily: Dee, I... don't want to push you, but I feel like you've been very focused on all this, which is... maybe good? Or maybe you're not dealing with it? And maybe I've left it too long to check in, or it's still too soon - or I'm way off?
Alt text: He built something that can handle the pressure but couldn't find any insulators better than his own cloak.