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Dee: ... I had kind of a meltdown about it, didn't I?
Emily: Um, very reasonably?
Dee: I have been... thinking about it. And... related thoughts. Difficult thoughts. Scary thoughts.
Emily: About what?
Dee: About my moral agency. I don't want to. It's hard and I'm bad at it. It's like trying to face a... If I look at any of it head on I - I freeze. I panic. But I think I have to? Or at least... I can't seem to stop.
Emily: Uhhh... Like your dictator-of-the-universe slippery slope horror? That kind of thing?
Dee: ... yes. That kind of thing.
Alt text: I said, Breakdowns come and breakdowns go, so what are you going to do about it? That's what I'd like to know