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Both: ...
Emily: Um, so are you thinking - you maybe want to act more?
Dee: ... All of this. This is a lot of work and thinking and resources and moving things around. I've been doing it thinking it's okay, because it's insignificant, but what does that even mean? You're important. You're as important as every other living thing is. I'm protecting you from obliteration by space dust. I could clear their orbits almost as trivially. Why don't I?
Emily: ... Can you??
Dee: I - yes? No? Sort of? It feels too meddlesome. Somehow. But - I don't know what I mean by that, anymore. So I -
Alt text: He's generally got plenty of the grace to accept the things he cannot change, but not much in the way of courage to change the things he can or wisdom to tell the difference