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Dee: (waves away previous thought) No. Nope. Ugh. Anyway, um, 'slippery slope'? Does that prospect not perturb you, then?
Emily: Uhh... It seems grim enough, but maybe ... far-fetched?
Dee: You don't really know what I'm capable of.
Emily: No but neither do you. You have to double up on yourself to push the vessel at the right rate. Yesterday you said the gains don't even stack linearly... which makes me wonder if there's some kind of global limit to your energy? Across all your instances at any point? I don't know. But whatever, you're not all-powerful.
Dee: Maybe not. But I'm very strong and unstoppable. I don't have to do everything to do too much.
Emily: So how much is too much?
Dee: ... That's the question, hey?
Emily: Well I don't think 'do nothing just in case' is a very good answer.
Dee: ... no...
Alt text: how could you accuse my anxiety of not being perfectly rational all of the time