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Emily: But I also don't want to be the Boromir of this situation. Y'know? Like I absolutely think you can and should use your powers for good. But I don't wanna presume to know your situation better than you. And I don't want you to be like 'why did I listen to that human nobody' in five million years.
Dee: You're not a nobody!
Emily: But still, in 70 years I'll be dead. You're the one who gets all the consequences.
Dee: No see that's the thing! One of many things. I don't get the consequences. I will not die or be punished, no matter what I do. It really makes me wonder... Systems of ethics mostly seem to be a development of social peoples, to create better outcomes through cooperative behaviour. I don't have a society... who am I cooperating with? I am eternal, no matter what, and rather the point of me is that everybody else isn't.
Alt text: (Mournful piano chords) I don't believe in an interventionist god (Chords chords chords) but I know, darling, that you... could probably be one if you wanted