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Dee: So I... I'm not sure how I fit in, personal ethics-wise, and also, I'm not sure that my interests align with - with what they should.
Emily: Doesn't that mean being 'good' is even less selfishly motivated for you? You literally just care about people. You don't have to, you just do.
Dee: I don't - that's overly generous - I wouldn't go saying I'm a good person either -
Emily: Yeah, yeah, I know, but you are.
Dee: No! You're biased because I like you and want to seem good to you.
Emily: NO, I'm biased because I like you, and I like you because you care about every living thing in the universe, and from the moment I met you, you were trying to be a positive influence on my life, and you're always trying to be kind if you can, even while terrified of putting a foot wrong and somehow obliterating the SUN or some crap. You only care about my opinion of you because you already cared about people at least enough to do one weird favour for my mum.
Dee: ... Again, my ability to judge what will be a big deal or not, clearly dodgy.
Emily: What, was that a big deal?
Dee: Meeting you has changed everything. I am entirely different now.
Alt text: This one weird favour will make sure your baby is the first human being on the surface of Venus!!