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Emily: And if it doesn't, learn from that in a useful way! Adapt. Refine.
Dee: What if I don't realise? Like I said... I am safe from every consequence. Best I get is 'feeling bad'. I already feel bad! It's not illuminating at all! And if I don't even feel bad?
Emily: I think you should limit that nonsense, anyway.
Dee: Emily, I'm serious. I have to. Nobody can punish me but me, so -
Emily: I'm serious! That's so - You just said it doesn't help. A conscience is one thing but you're getting in your way. (SIGH) No offence but you can't even solve chess. Chess has a limited number of pieces and rules. There's no hidden information, and a clear win condition. It's great. It's easy. Real life is hard. You cannot solve ethics. So stop demanding that kind of perfection of yourself!
Dee: Okay, but I still need something to check myself against, if I'm going astray.
Emily: Hmm
Alt text: it's pretty hard to be a good person without using a chess engine these days