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Emily: Start with what's easy.
Dee: What?
Emily: It may not be the most perfect or just or whatever, but be practical. Start with what's simple, obvious, and safe. Like you already are.
Dee: But I'm not - oh, the favours?
Emily: Yeah, and editing Wikipedia, and - I bet that's been huge and you don't even know.
Dee: ... I think we're near the ground.
Emily: Oh!
(They peer out together.)
Still hard to see. Anyway, you still wanna be secret, right?
Dee: I - Uh, yeah.
Emily: Then be subtle, I guess? I bet there's loads more you can do on the internet. And you could free people from whatever and make it look like an accident... Just try stuff out! If it goes well, try more!
Alt text: I like to think that in this universe Dee managed to quietly intercept that kid on the Scots Wikipedia early on but he doesn't really think of that as having been a big deal and nobody really found out or had any reason to imagine what might have happened otherwise. Stuff like that.