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Dee: And if I fuck up, over and over again, and all of my actions and inactions lead to suffering and ruin? For all eternity?
Emily: I - don't - That's so unreasonable! You're the immortal typewriter monkey, it's so unlikely that you'd only hit the evil keys, while actively trying not to!
Dee: But if I don't know which are the evil keys!?
Emily: MATE! Is this holding it together? You OBVIOUSLY know the difference between good and bad. And you are learning and can always learn. This whole existential crisis? Part of learning. It's ALWAYS okay to question your previous assumptions and reexamine them. If you don't know what the right thing to do is, you can try to figure it out.
Dee: How!? I can't figure it out - it's so big and complicated - If I can't do everything, I have to prioritise - I don't know what to prioritise!
Alt text: textbook existential angst