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Emily: It kind of sucks, but...
Dee: That's it!? Torture and slavery - everything I didn't do -
Emily: Well, if you want to do something about it now, do it now.
Dee: But I can't now. It happened.
Emily: For the future, stupid. If you can't undo it, learn from it. There will always be more.
Dee: But you don't understand, I was there, I saw them -
Emily: Dee, I can't absolve you of anything. I know you've witnessed basically all of the worst moments in history, right up close. Maybe you could've done something. Maybe you should have. But you didn't. Maybe the best that can be said is that you were a huge idiot, just the hugest idiot ever. Or maybe you were right and there's some greater horror that would've come of your meddling. Or maybe you made a lot of unspeakably evil decisions. I really can't say. I don't know. I do think it matters that you were trying. That it was the best you knew. And it matters that you want to do better.
Alt text: cmon mate, we WATCHED the lion king. did you bring a stick or anything i can bop you with