↓ Transcript
(The ball is stuck in a tree.)
Well, game over anyway.
Markus: Em'll get that!
Emily: Yeah!
(She climbs up the tree.)
Abe (looking up at her):
I guess you having no fear makes sense, with Death on your side, hey...
Emily (retrieving the ball): He wouldn't save me from a fatal fall! A non-fatal one, maybe, but I actually stick to my limits!
Abe: Huh! How does he know?
Emily: I'm not sure how he can tell, but it's his whole job to know, so.
(Zoe catches the ball as it's flung down.)
Um... does he know when you'll die?
Emily (hopping out of the tree): He says he doesn't. But I think he's lying.
Markus: Is that weird?
Emily: I wish he wouldn't lie, but otherwise eh. But I dunno if that means he thinks it's weird, or if he just doesn't want me to hassle him about it, or what.
Alt text: maybe this tree just isnt very scary