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(The four of them are lazing on the beach sand.)
Abe: Hey, is the world about to end?
Emily: Hm? Oh, yeah, that's why I made all these plans for next year and beyond.
Abe: Unless that's why he's getting you off the planet, just in time.
Markus: I still can't believe you're going, just, into space, just like that.
Emily: I know right! While you're all stuck here, still having to study and stuff.
Markus: At university, though. That feels surreal too! Not... the same, I guess. But - high school is over! Obviously it had to end. But did you really think it ever would?
Zoe: No. It does feel like the end of a world, doesn't it?
Abe: I don't think it will be that different. It's just the next thing. More study, like Em said. (-HFF!!- he lifts one leg out of the mound of sand he has built over them) Do you know how the world will actually end?
Emily: No, Dee wouldn't want to find out himself. But the past is usually fair game, I know heaps of cool answers to old mysteries.
Abe: Like what?
Emily: Like how life originated on Earth, and what happened to the Mary Celeste, what the Voynich manuscript is, lots of stuff like that.
Alt text: questions which can only be answered off-panel, of course