↓ Transcript
Abe: Dare!
Emily: Ugh, boring! Ok, you gotta go skinny-dip. Actually, or you can go in with all your clothes on.
Abe: All my clothes?
Emily: That you're wearing now. And you can't change them afterwards.
Abe (in the ocean): Alright! Is this far enough?
(All walking back)
Agh, now my socks are all wet and sandy, you monster!
Emily: Excuse you, that was a very merciful dare.
Markus: Yeah that's on you, mate!
Abe: Oh well, that's what we got the fire for. So, Markus! Your turn! Truth or dare?
Markus: Truth.
Emily: Yesss
Abe: Ok, umm... who's a better kisser, Emily or Chiyo?
Emily: Ahahah yeah who!?
Markus: Oh my god you can't ask that!!!
Alt text: fire restrictions haven't started yet