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Abe: Too bad, you picked truth!
Markus: Neither is better, they're just - different!
Emily: It's ok babe, you can tell the truth.
Markus: That is the truth!
Emily: Haha, you're so cute when you're embarrassed!
Markus: Ok, well, Zoe!
Abe: Oi, no, you have to answer!
Markus: I did!
Zoe: Dare.
Emily: Noooo, boring!
Markus: I dare you to... kiss Abe!
Zoe: Okay.
Abe: Whuh?!
Zoe: Do you wanna? It's not your dare.
Abe: I, um, sure! I mean - whatever.
Zoe: Ok
(They kiss.)
Emily and Markus:
Zoe: Anyway, um. Abe. Truth or dare?
Abe: Uh! Dare.
Zoe: I dare you to put sand in your sleeping bag.
Emily: C'mon everyone stop picking dare! Give! Me! Your! Secrets!
Alt text: silly times