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Abe: Actually, I do have a confession for Emily.
Emily: Huh?
Zoe: Oh, well, you can do that instead if you like!
Abe: Well I sorta meant to do it anyway. So. The thing is. You already apologised to me, multiple times, and even... became alright, but I never apologised to you. And that's not fair.
Emily: Oh! That's ok, I like having the moral high ground.
Abe: Well, too bad, cos it wasn't just you. So, sorry for throwing rubbish at you, and everything else, and not apologising sooner.
Emily: Aw, thanks!
Zoe: That's sweet! Ok, you don't have to put sand in your sleeping bag.
Emily: Can we make it that if you don't want to do a dare you can tell a secret instead? If it's good enough?
Zoe: You know you can just dare someone to tell you something?
Emily: Oh!!! Really?
Abe: Well, Emily, I choose you!
Emily: Truth, obviously.
Abe: Ok. When we die-
Emily: NO! I didn't tell you guys about Dee so he'd be the most interesting thing about me! Ask me something about me.
Alt text: 'it may be my first time playing this game but i have a lot of notions of what should and shouldnt be allowed'