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Abe: Ok, how about... what's something you've never told anyone, not even him?
Emily: Hmm. ... Well... I think I'm bisexual.
Markus: What?
Abe: Cool! Congrats!
Emily: Thanks!
Markus: Why do... I thought you said you don't even have crushes?
Emily: Not that I don't, just that so far I haven't.
Zoe: You don't have crushes?
Emily: It's just - when I like someone, it feels like a decision. Like I'm like, probably I should have a crush on them. And then I go, I don't want to have a crush on them anymore, and then I don't.
Zoe: ... Pretty sure that's how it is for most people.
Emily: Really? I've never heard that before!
Zoe: Well normalcy's not your chosen specialisation, is it?
Emily: Haha! True...
Alt text: cheers for queers!