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Markus: But - isn't that the opposite of bisexual? What makes you think you are, then?
Emily: Girls are pretty. Why wouldn't I be?
Markus: But -
Abe: How come you've never told anyone this?
Emily: ... This is me telling you? I had to figure it out myself, first.
Abe: Oh, right, duh, haha! So is this a new thing?
Emily: Relatively, I guess. But also it's a weird thing to bring up, especially before you're sure. I mean, like Zoe said, I like being 'weird', deliberately sometimes. But. I didn't want anyone to think this was like that, like, I'm like, 'ooh, I'm so kooky, now I'm bi'. Y'know? I'm not just putting it on.
Zoe: You are an all natural, free range weirdo!
Emily: YES! Ok, Markus! Truth or dare!
Markus: Oh! My turn again! Umm -
Emily: And it's a trick question, obviously.
Markus: Haha, alright, truth then.
Alt text: in case you havent noticed... im weird. im a weirdo